Chocolate industry is built on child slavery!

Children are forced to work beyond their level. In Western Africa people are entrenched in extreme poverty and children there ending up working in cocoa farms instead of studying at school. The farmers in the Ivory Coast, for example, have admitted about child slavery and how children are exploited. According to The Washington Post, one of the farmers said: “I admit that it is a kind of slavery. But they bring them here to work, and it’s the boss who takes the money.” (Nation of Change, The Washington Post, November 19th, 2019).


Know these key signs of depression

Anxiety symptoms include having lots of worry or fear, palpitations (heart beating fast), restlessness, chest discomfort, short of breath, poor sleep, and poor concentration. Depressive symptoms include feeling down or depressed, loss of interest, change in appetite, change in sleep, sense of worthlessness, sense of guilt, sense of hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts.