Easy ways to live the 3R way

Easy ways to live the 3R way

Easy ways to practise the 3R’s concept in our daily life:


  1. Use washable dishes instead of paper plates and cups.
  2. Use reusable water bottles instead of single serve water bottles.
  3. Bring your own bags to the grocery store.
  4. Pack a litterless lunch with only containers that can be recycled or washed.
  5. Have furniture, toys, and appliances repaired instead of tossing them and getting new ones.


  1. Collect paper and beverage containers 
  2. Reuse containers, bags, boxes, tubs, cups, bottles, and jars over and over before discarding or recycling.
  3. Pass down outgrown clothes, books, and toys to younger brothers and sisters, donate to charity or have a yard sale.
  4. Collect rainwater in a rain barrel to water the garden.
  5. Take “garbage” and make it into something new to use or to play with. Be creative.
  6. Take your food scraps and yard waste and start a compost bin in your backyard.


  1. Collect paper and beverage containers
  2. Have your schoolwork with an 3R-minded partner to collect and recycle inkjet cartridges, cell phones, bottle caps or aluminum tabs.
  3. Collect aluminum cans
  4. Look for the recycling symbol and buy recycled products like recycled paper, cards, and paper towels.
  5. Look for recycling centers that accept things like used tires, batteries, motor oil, paints, and electronics for recycling too.

Start now people!

An environment-friendly  life today makes for a better future – a future that is both sustainable and sustaining.

Carollina Ramle

Carollina Ramle hails from Sabah, Malaysia and is shy to strangers but friendly and cheerful to those who knows her. A business administration graduate majoring in technology management, she likes to surround herself with positive-minded people, and believes that good universal values exist in all religions. She’s a strong believer in peaceful human coexistence, despite differing beliefs.

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