Society - Are the youth generation aware of their surroundings? Prepares youth for working on community change in equal partnerships with adults

Understand the big picture

To understand the impact of the immediate surroundings happening in society. To Lead others through mistakes and allow youth to learn and grow.

Planning for change

To raise up the next generations to take on the opportunities and challenges in front of them.

Utilising the tools

To take action and responsibility to make a better choice

Where are you at society

Amriah Buang

The power of youths to change a nation

Because for one, young people of America have awakened from their ignorance to recognise the bad and ugly of status quo America and learn to see the sanity of making America moral and good again.

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Amriah Buang

Malaysian nurses – rising above bigotry and racism

The nurses were all Malays and Muslims. Their being Malays didn’t discriminate against the hapless Chinese patient. Their being Muslims didn’t prevent them from touching their non-Muslim patient and accorded him all the physical procedures they were trained to do in such situation.

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Why youthsetter?

Youthsetter (formerly known as DoGood) is a public service initiative that has been created by a team of peace loving individuals to promote and inspire positive and constructive universal values that will help make the world we live in today a better place for all.

In the beginning,  we are living in an age of misinformation, littered with so many lies and fake news from unprincipled media and lobbyists, motivated and driven by vested political and business agendas.

In other words, we are being manipulated by false events and public opinion diversion tactics which serve the interests of scheming corporations, war sponsoring military industrial complexes, and self-serving institutions.

However with a scenario, youths have a very pertinent role to play – to unearth and disseminate the truths of the matter behind those manipulations, distortions, and diversions, and with the truths, pave the way for doable solutions.

In conclusion for the process of this engagement, let us also share the good tidings regarding common principles and values, of good practices and systems that will enhance the moral quality and meaning of our existence, especially for the future generation.