The “lungs of the planet” are burning

The “lungs of the planet” are burning

Since August 15, more than 9,500 new forest fires have started across Brazil, primarily in the Amazon basin. This year so far, the scientists have recorded more than 74,000 fires in the country, compared to 40,000 fires in 2018! This has prompted the largest state in Brazil, Amazonas, declaring a state of emergency recently.

DO WE HAVE TO WORRY? We do, indeed. As the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon plays a crucial role in keeping our planet’s carbon-dioxide levels in check. It supplies 20% of the world’s oxygen supply. Can the world replace it immediately?

This is terrifying.

Carollina Ramle

Carollina Ramle hails from Sabah, Malaysia and is shy to strangers but friendly and cheerful to those who knows her. A business administration graduate majoring in technology management, she likes to surround herself with positive-minded people, and believes that good universal values exist in all religions. She’s a strong believer in peaceful human coexistence, despite differing beliefs.

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